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Commercial Solar Panels For UK Small Businesses

The installation of solar panels is an option for any business that wants to reduce costs, generate additional revenue, reduce dependence on rising energy prices and reduce its carbon footprint.

Most small and medium-sized enterprises would therefore normally need commercial solar panels that would resemble a domestic system in size and yield.

Saving money

Considering that the average cost per kWh of electricity is around 14p, it is easy to see how using free electricity from solar panels could reduce overhead costs.

With the advent of low-cost solar energy in the UK and other countries around the world, the cost of solar panels has fallen dramatically over the past decade.

Optimizing available space

The size of the available space will govern how you install commercial solar panels. If you have a large area, you should be looking to optimize the size of the solar array you install.

A group effort

If you share your building with other companies, you may want to work together to reduce costs and create an energy profile that will lead to more efficient and cost-effective energy consumption for your businesses.

Not just for big companies

If you are an entrepreneur, the concept of solar panels may seem like a risky move for your business in a complex and confusing market.

You may have heard of large Fortune 500 companies that operate solar power, but you think that might not be feasible for your organization.

Perhaps you are considering installing commercial solar panels sometime in the distant future when you can afford to make a major investment in what seems like a long-term investment for a small company with limited resources.

But, it’s time to abandon your old mindset and join the growing chorus of smart small business owners discovering that commercial solar panels are a great way to save money.

Big benefits for small businesses with solar energy

With commercial solar panels, although you might be a small business with a limited budget, limited resources, and limited access to capital, there are many benefits of solar energy that can make the investment worthwhile.

You can reduce your electricity bills by using your solar panel array, and if you want to get even more out of it, you can add a solar battery to use the stored electricity after sunset.

Better still, many local electricity companies will buy the excess electricity generated by the panels. If your business is typical, you can recoup the investment in panel installation in less than a year.

A typical commercial solar system can account for more than 80% of your company’s total energy consumption. Commercial solar panels consist of 92 cells each, which corresponds to a total capacity of 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar power.

Get expert advice

Solar panel suppliers support large companies in the need for tailor-made energy solutions and small companies that want to reduce energy costs.

Solar experts design solar cell systems for a range of commercial applications and help build the most efficient and cost-effective solar panels for small and medium-sized enterprises.

When investing in solar cells for a commercial building, costs are the decisive factor in determining the energy balance that can be achieved. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the modules you choose, but experts will have a clear understanding of your business’s needs and can help small and medium-sized businesses in the UK that want to install solar panels.

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