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Our Passion For Celebrities

Like our fascination in watching an ant (or even the entire anthill for instance) squirm whenever we position the magnifier so in the sun, also goes our passion for celebrity. Because the latest installment of yankee Idol shows, the typical man just really wants to be acknowledged and believe than being a ‘star’. Most of us imagine it, very couple of people achieve it as well as for individuals lucky (or unlucky based on your point of view) to become underneath the magnifier of celebrity the rewards appear to become great.

Not getting have you been a high profile myself, although I’m a bit of a ‘big cheese’ within my hometown (smugly buffs nails on shirt), I have to admit that as being a celebrity does not appear all bad. I’d go ahead and take money and also the gift bags and also the samples by mail and umm did I only say money? … Yeah, I’d greatly benefit from the perks of ‘celebrityhood’ (or perhaps is it celebritydom?) every day but the number of people could meet that scrutiny?

To possess every single move recorded, your relationships scrutinized, your tiniest slip-up or disadvantage discussed by millions (for individuals people with large families we already obtain a taste of the … Thanks Mother!). Now we all know a number of you’re thinking the cash and perks would balance this out but consider the liberty of anonymity you have already, you are able to pick onto your nose in public places if you wish to, you can find a couple of stares but ‘the event’ won’t be recorded and selected over (pun intended, Ha!) for since the beginning.

Why shall we be so fascinated? Does our fascination allow us to to feel happier about ourselves? Or perhaps is it sparked by envy? For whatever reasons celebrity news and gossip is very large business along with the latest news being offered at our fingertips everybody as well as their grandmothers has a website on one celebrity or any other. A lot of us readily denounce gossiping within our lives yet feed our guilty pleasure by logging to the latest ‘most hated celebrity’ blogs to determine the most recent snide comments about a person.

Our celebrities have grown to be like this poor fried ant. We’re feeling superior once we spend time at our desks and appear with pity or scorn in the latest youthful celebrity to finish in jail or forget their panties or fall flat on their own face drunk. But alas fame and celebrity are synonymous so that as Newton stated for each action there’s the same and opposite reaction also the cash and perks cause curiosity and also the paparazzi. Now … becasue it is been greater than an hour or so since i have checked that blog, I am now off and away to see what Britney can be.

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