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Comprehensive Details About Pitch Fibre Pipes

Developed in the 1940s, fibre pipes are a form of drain management. Pitch Fibre drains are considered to be an inferior and cheap form of drainage. As compared to others, it is a much lighter and atrocious drainage pipe. It is most commonly found in schools, hospitals, buildings, and housing estates which are built around the 50s to 70s. After the 1970s, plastic drainage pipes took over the Pitch Fibre Pipes.

There is a common story about the contractors about the Pitch Fibre pipe. The fear of every contractor noticing Pitch Fibre pipe underneath the manhole cover. If you see him watching the pipe, you can observe how his pulse quickens. It is because of the drawbacks of its existence.

Problems Related To Pitch Fibre Pipes

·         Less Lifespan

The unfortunate thing associated with Pitch Fibre Pipes is the less lifespan than required. It is said that it has an approximate 40 years lifespan. It is way too less lifespan for a pipe being used for drainage. This is also the reason behind many customers facing drainage problems periodically.

·         These Pipes Can Collapse At Any Time

The major problem associated with Pitch Fibre Pipes is non-durability. Owing to the cheap and light material used in its manufacture, there are high possibilities of mishappening. In the event the pipes collapse, the repair and service are very expensive.

  • Forming Large Blisters Over Time

A drainage pipe regularly comes into contact with many liquid materials. However, Pitch Fibre drains are less likely to bear hot water, fat, oil, and grease. These materials are often found in drainage systems but it is found to rot down these pipes. When coming into contact with liquidity substances, Pitch fibre drains collapses and forms blisters. Over time these places become large and cause problems like blockages in the line.

What Can We Do?

To save ourselves from the ticking time bomb in the name of Fibre Pipes, some things need to be followed.

·         Cleaning Of Drainage Systems

Pitch Fibre Pipes are prone to blocking and blisters. From time to time clearing the pipes using different tools and methods is preferable. High-pressure water jetting, Picote Cutter, Roding, etc. are different cleaning methods. This can avoid further associated problems with blocking.

·         Repairing Of The Fibre Pipeline

Once the pipe is severely damaged, Blocking of the drain is caused. Even the blister can curve down obstructing the way of the drain material. The best method to observe the damage cost to the pipeline is by undertaking a CCTV survey. If there is no loss of the pipe shape, only cleaning would suffice. Whereas, if there is internal blistering, repairing of the pipe is much needed.


If you are planning to buy a house which is built between the 40s and 60s, here are some generous suggestions. It is significant to get a CCTV survey done. It will put a clear picture of the material and health of the drainage pipes. The same applies even if you own such a house.

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