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Despite new findings: Mt. Gox file number still unsolved

There is news from the Gox case, even if this primarily raises further questions: Allegedly, the stock market surprisingly found 200,000 Bitcoins. This coincides with community investigations on the blockchain that had seen a similar amount in motion. Meanwhile, a US judge quietly wrote legal history when he allowed the plaintiffs to search for their coins in the blockchain and bring them into the investigation. Justice and Bitcoin have thus come a step closer to each other.

You can lose 850,000 bitcoins just like that, and sometimes you can just find 200,000 bitcoins. In, as Mt. Gox announced, an “old-fashioned” wallet when an audit was carried out on the stock exchange as part of the insolvency protection. According to Mt. Gox, this will reduce the number of missing bitcoins to 650,000, of which 550,000 belong to customers.

A little earlier this month, customers were able to log back into Mt. Gox and view their balances. The news of the found 200,000 Bitcoins was received with both relief and skepticism. Many of the customers fear that the exchange had deliberately hidden the coins in order to later sell them secretly. The distrust of Mt. Gox could not be greater at the moment.

Traces in the blockchain

One of the most exciting developments around the Mt. Gox drama is that the customers who have been cheated are the Have the opportunity to investigate yourself. The blockchain is transparent and everyone can follow the traces of the bitcoins in it. Since Mt.Gox continues to cover all controversial and difficult-to-believe details, many members of the Bitcoin scene independently searched the blockchain for the so-called Goxcoins. One of the interesting options for managing funds is a bitcoin ATM, the most interesting thing about them can be read here and understand for yourself the important aspects of the bottom sphere.

A first approach for this is an address, To which Mark Karpeless said he had transferred more than 400,000 Bitcoin in 2011 to prove that Mt. Gox was liquid after a hack. When almost 200,000 bitcoins began to move in early March, it was not hidden in the blockchain. Hundreds of Bitcoiners then followed how this massive sum moved through the blockchain and where it came from. They found out the following: On the one hand, the amounts continue to decrease in a tree-like manner until they flow into addresses with 50 Bitcoins each. On the other hand, there is a connection to the address to which Mark Karpeles transferred 400,000 Bitcoins in 2011. Coincidence?

At the beginning of the month, a judge in the US opened a new chapter in criminal history. He had allowed participants in a class action lawsuit to track down the lost bitcoins. This turns the plaintiffs into detectives and financial investigations into the crowd-sourced work of thousands of volunteers.

Another result of the blockchain investigation has led to the suspicion that the stolen Goxcoins are at the largest Bitstamp dollar exchange sold. A user has published alleged evidence on reddit and pastebin and called on the executives of Bitstamp to investigate. But I don’t dare to judge how valid the evidence is.

This flash mob seems to be better prepared than the official investigators to search for clues in the blockchain. On March 23, an English translation of a Japanese article appeared on Reddit that stated that 530,000 bitcoins were found to be withdrawn from Mt. Gox between March 7 and 10. The document claims that “massive bitcoin withdrawals were made that would have been impossible for anyone who did not have specific access rights to the exchange, such as Mark Karpeles or government agencies.”

This has further cast doubt whether Mt. Gox was sincere when the exchange said in a February 28 press release that 850,000 bitcoins had been lost: “Everything is gone.” The investigation will continue, the mystery remains unsolved.

But for now bitcoin block explorer is where you can view your bitcoin transactions.

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