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How to Spend Less Time with Your Screens

Many of us are acutely conscious of just how much time we spend with our screens each day – from our phones to our work computers and more. With new models of car having touchscreen interfaces and screens beginning to pop up on our appliances and more, it can sometimes feel like we are being surrounded by screens! Here are some of the best ways to spend a little less time with them.

Download an Activity Monitor

We often say that there is an app for everything, and there definitely is one for screen time! If you know that you spend far too much time idly scrolling on your phone, you should make an effort to change this as best as you can.

One way that you can choose to do so is with an app that will monitor your screen activity. This means that it will pay attention to how much time you are spending on your phone, and will give you reports to let you know how much time this is too. You can even find apps that block certain apps like social media, so you can try to go about your day without being tempted by them!

Set a Timer

Are you guilty of sitting down for five minutes to do something, and then realising that thirty minutes have gone past in the blink of an eye? Whether you are checking out or similar betting site, watching YouTube videos, surfing fashion sites or having a look through a sale at a furniture store online, it can sometimes feel like time gets away from us when we are staring at our screens.

A simple remedy to this can be to set a timer. We all have a clock app on our phone, and these come with timers. Set one for five or ten minutes, however long you want to have, and when it goes off put your phone away. So long as you can be dedicated and follow through when the alarm does go off, this could prove to be a great help.

Try to Have Screen-free Evenings

Though you might want to catch up on your favourite TV shows or watch a film, you should try to make sure that you limit your access to other screens as much as you can. Put your phone down, and try to leave it alone all evening if possible. Too many of us put a film or show on but then sit and flick through our phone at the same time!

Try to think of something that you could do that won’t involve a phone. For example, you might decide to read that new bestseller, or maybe do a puzzle. Just try to step away from your screens and rest your eyes a little if you can!

We spend so much time with our screens when we really don’t have to. Work out some ways that you can spend time away from yours. You might be amazed at some of the benefits you get from choosing to do so!

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